Nicci has taught in Higher Education since 2004. Her experience includes the design and delivery of a Masters’ level course in Forensic Linguistics at the University of Birmingham, and MA modules in Forensic Linguistics, Language as Evidence, Analysing Written & Spoken Discourse, and Functional Grammar at Aston University.

  At undergraduate level she has taught Forensic Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Variation in English, the History & Development of English, Contextual Variation, Social Applications of Linguistics, Research Methods in Language & Communication, Spoken Discourse Analysis, Critical Discourse Analysis, Discourse Analysis for Business, and Language at Work.

  Nicci has contributed to international workshops in Forensic Linguistics in the UK, Philippines, Portugal and Tunisia. She has also delivered numerous training courses to UK Police interviewers.

Email: forensiclinguist@protonmail.com

Tel:   07788 580 979